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Sony, Disney Team Up on 'Monsters, Inc.' PlayStation Games

12 Oct, 2001 By: John Gaudiosi

Sony Computer Entertainment America, which has been developing and publishing video games based on Disney’s characters and animated films and Pixar’s computer-animated films for 10 years, continues the trend with Monsters, Inc.

Sony will release a PlayStation (PS) game of Monsters aimed at the 6- to 14-year-old demographic on Oct. 30 for $40, in conjunction with the theatrical release, and a PlayStation 2 (PS2) game in March 2002 for $50, which will skew slightly older toward a 12- to 18-year-old demo.

The 3D action platform PS game will serve as a prequel to the film, allowing children to enter the Monsters Academy and introducing environments not seen in the film. The quest-based PS2 game will follow the beat of the film and feature Monsters and environments that look much like the ones in the game, since Pixar and Sony are working closely with the CGI materials.

Sony, which has always released licensed Disney games in conjunction with theatrical releases, is developing games based on upcoming films like Disney’s Lilo and Stitch (summer 2002), Disney’s Treasure Planet (Thanksgiving 2002) and Disney’s Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (February 2002) for PS and PS2. Sony is also expected to be the publisher that will bring Pixar’s summer 2003 CGI feature, Finding Nemo, to PS and PS2.

“It’s hard to beat Disney when it comes to generating excitement within the family, whether it’s for a theatrical release, a direct to video sequel or a theme park visit,” said Ron Eagle, associate product manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “Family entertainment is a key part of our video game strategy for both PlayStation and PlayStation 2, so this partnership is the perfect fit to our growing installed base of PS2 owners and our over 30 million PlayStation owners.”

In addition to riding the coattails of Disney’s theatrical marketing, and next year, it’s home video and DVD marketing for Monsters, Inc., Sony will support its games with a strong TV campaign. A 30-second spot will run for several weeks on national, syndicated and cable programming beginning this November to support the PS release and again late next spring to market the PS2 release.

Sony will participate in a national Pepsi promotion, along with Disney Interactive and THQ, which are releasing PC and Game Boy Advance Monsters, Inc. games, that will use video games as instant-win prizes. Pepsi will have Monsters, Inc. characters on 180 million packages of Pepsi products and 80 million Fritos packages. The promotion will receive major in-store support.

Sony is working with Radio Disney for Monsters promo spots and will be part of Nickelodeon’s radio spots. Sony will also have TV ads on Nickelodeon and a contest on Nickelodeon.com, in conjunction with the games.

Elementary school students nationwide will also receive free book covers promoting the Monsters, Inc. games. A national print campaign, which will include ads in Entertainment Weekly and Disney’s Adventures, will kick off next year with the PS2 game launch. As part of a promotion with K-Mart, Sony will give away two movie tickets to consumers who purchase Monsters, Inc. for PS on Thanksgiving Day.

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