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Sony Aims for 11M PS3s Sold by March 2008

14 Nov, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that as of the one-year anniversary of the PlayStation 3's U.S. release on Nov. 17, two million of the consoles are in U.S. households, out of 5.6 million sold worldwide. Seven million games are in U.S. households, out of the 28 million games purchased worldwide.

Sony has set a goal of 11 million worldwide PS3s sold by March 2008.

“The price cut, combined with more and better exclusives coming now and into 2008, will have a real impact on the PS3's performance,” said Billy Pidgeon, program manager for consumer markets for Gaming IDC. “People who were considering buying the PS3 were put off by the lack of a strong and deep library, but now the games are starting to look better too.”

According to Sony, more than 160 new games will be released this fiscal year, including 19 exclusive first- and third-party titles.

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