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Sony Abandons 20GB PS3

12 Apr, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Sony has discontinued production for North America of its 20GB PlayStation 3, citing heightened sales and popularity for the more expensive 60GB version of the next-generation gaming platform.

In an interview with GameIndustry.biz, Dave Karraker, senior director of Corporate Communications for Sony Consumer Electronics America said since the launch of the PS3 in November, retail demand in North America has skewed nearly 90% in favor of the player with the healthier 60GB hard drive.

The 60GB PS3, priced at $599 has added media storage slots and installed Wi-Fi, unlike the $499-priced 20GB model.

The 20GB version will remain on sale until the current stock in the market is gone and Sony will continue to support the system with software updates, according to the company.

Sony's European launch of the PS3 this year only featured the higher-priced, higher-capacity version of the system.

Sony's announcement of halting the smaller hard disk version of the PS3 also comes as gamers get ready for Microsoft's new Xbox 360 Elite model.

Expected to launch this month, the new Xbox 360 will feature a 120GB hard drive and HDMI video output support. The console will ship with an HDMI cable (something PlayStation 3 owners have to buy separately). It will sell for $479, up from the $300 and $400 price of the two current models. That puts it just $20 less than the lower-end PS3 with a 20GB hard drive. Unlike the PS3, the new Xbox 360 ships with a standard DVD-9 drive, not an HD disc drive (PS3 has a Blu-ray Disc drive).

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