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Sonopress Ramps Up for DVD

8 Oct, 2002 By: Hive News

Replicator Sonopress has increased its DVD replication capacity by 30 percent in its U.S. manufacturing facility in response to the lightning-fast growth of DVD, the company announced today.

"We have seen a consistent increase in demand for the DVD format over the past several years," said Joe Mann-Stadt, VP of operations, Sonopress USA. "As we approach our busiest time of year, Sonopress is committed to meeting its customer demands by continuing to enhance our replication capabilities and specialized custom packaging operations."

Sonopress' decision to focus expansion efforts specifically on its DVD production lines results from the company's assessment of current industry trends and projected customer demand. Market analysts attribute the rising popularity of DVD to declining costs of DVD players, as well as to the overall versatility of the format.

"The growth in DVD demand has been nothing short of phenomenal," said Jim Bottoms, director of research consultant Understanding & Solutions. "With continued reductions in prices for players, drives and games consoles and more and more applications and market segments opening up, we can't see anything to interrupt the growth pattern in the foreseeable future."

Sonopress' customer base has become increasingly supportive of the DVD format for the games, home video and music video markets, a spokesperson said.

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