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SonicBlue Forges Ahead With New ReplayTV Models

21 Oct, 2002 By: Hive News

SonicBlue Inc. today launched the ReplayTV 5000 digital video recorder (DVR) series, the next generation of the company's controversial, Emmy award-winning ReplayTV product line.

The ReplayTV 5000 series offers consumers unparalleled DVR functionality, including Commercial Advance which affords users the choice to playback recorded shows without advertisements, at prices lower than competitive DVRs available in retail outlets.

"ReplayTV 5000 has all the makings of a homerun for SonicBlue," said CEO Greg Ballard. "The product offers consumers a powerful set of features, even some that are currently being challenged by the networks and studios, and extremely affordable pricing -- the perfect combination to reach mass market adoption. And, with our recently expanded retail partnerships, the product can easily be previewed and purchased in locations across the U.S."

Among other features. users may store up to 320 hours (on the high-end machine) of television or other media content on the unit's hard drive, choose to playback recorded programs without commercials, stream programming to other ReplayTV devices within the home and share content with friends and family who own a ReplayTV.

In addition, the ReplayTV 5000 offers two methods of downloading updated channel guide information, either via a standard phone line or via a broadband home network, ensuring the device will grow with users as home networking becomes more prevalent.

The ReplayTV 5040, 5080, 5160 and 5320 models offer 40, 80, 160 and 320-hour storage capacities, respectively. The ReplayTV 5040, 5080 and 5160 are available at retailers throughout the country including Circuit City, Best Buy, Good Guys, Amazon, The Wiz and Tweeter, as well as on SonicBlue's eStore. The ReplayTV 5320 will be available in early 2003 in similar retail outlets nationwide.

Pricing ranges from $299 for the 5040 model, which stores up to 40 hours of programming on a hard drive, to $900 for the top-of-the line 5320 model with a 320-hour hard drive. All but the 5320 are available with $50 rebates for the holiday season.

In addition, consumers must choose either a $9.95 monthly fee, or a one-time service activation fee of $250 for each new ReplayTV 5000 product purchased. All ReplayTV 5000 models are compatible with cable, satellite and antenna programming feeds.

Among the features of the ReplayTV 5000 are:
  • Record Without Tape -- Easy one-touch recording with on-screen channel guide
  • Commercial Advance -- Choose to playback recorded shows without commercials
  • Send Shows -- Send video to friends and family who own ReplayTV 4000, ReplayTV
  • 4500 or ReplayTV 5000 units over the Internet with broadband connectivity.
  • Control Live TV -- Pause, rewind, instant replay, slo-mo and frame advance
  • Recording Capacity -- Record up to 320 hours of television
  • Broadband Ready -- Choose broadband or phone line access to the ReplayTV service
  • Theme Record -- Automatically record shows by keyword or theme
  • QuickSkip -- Use Quickskip on a remote to jump past the boring parts
  • MyReplayTV -- Program ReplayTV while away from home via the Internet
  • Room-To-Room -- Stream video from one room to another between networked ReplayTVs
  • Your Photos -- Store and view digital photos on TV

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