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Some Studios Snagged on Apple's DRM

29 Nov, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Apple's digital rights management is just not restrictive enough for more studios to jump on board with delivering movies via the company's popular iTunes service, the Financial Times is reporting.

According to a report at FT.com, several studios including Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Warner Bros. have been in talks with Apple to add their feature film content to the selection of Disney and Buena Vista Home Entertainment titles already on the service.

But the studios want Apple to limit the numbers of computers a download can be played on, according to the Financial Times story. Right now a video download can be viewed on up to five different PCs.

Studios that don't have a natural link to the computer company the way Disney does have yet to sign on to release feature films via the service, though all the above-mentioned companies do provide TV show content to iTunes.

Pricing has been and remains an issue for studios with regard to Apple's iTunes store.

Apple is notoriously committed to its standard pricing strategies, such as its $1.99 per-episode TV show downloads. Download providers, such as Amazon.com's Unbox, allow studios to assign a variety of values to different full-length movies seemingly at their whim.

“We're very willing to do a deal, but we're keen to get some concessions from Apple that will account for the differences between the value of music and television content and feature film content,” one unnamed studio executive told The Financial Times.

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