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Software Maker Offers Secure Digital Transmission for DVD Masters

12 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

DVD authoring software maker Sonic Solutions and DCA, Inc., which provides signal processing and verification technology for the DVD and CD replication industry, today announced a cooperative agreement to simplify the process of securely delivering DVD masters via electronic delivery to replication plants, effectively extending authoring deadlines by saving shipping time and eliminating traditional freight costs and lost shipments.

Sonic professional DVD solutions will incorporate technology that outputs DVD image files as DDP files sets to hard drive. By outputting DVD image files in this way, DCA's OptiSend technology can securely transfer electronically the DVD master to the replication plant, preventing their access by unauthorized users. DCA, Inc., is the originator and licensor of DDP (Disc Description Protocol) for optical discs.

DCA's OptiSend is designed to securely transfer DVD and CD images electronically. The process not only encrypts the content during transfer, it also optimizes the data in a highly efficient way that ensures rapid data transmission.

Traditionally, DVD masters have been output to DLT tape(s), and shipped via overnight carrier. Delivering DVD masters electronically eliminates the potentially lost revenue caused by lost or late shipments, simplifies the process workflow between authoring studio and replication plant, and saves time in the DVD production process.

"When authoring professional DVD-Video content, timely delivery of masters is essential to achieve a successful DVD title market campaign. And masters that are late to the factory can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue and wasted expense," said Brett Symes, Production Manager at Stream Digital Media in London. "Tapeless delivery of masters to the replication facility provides us with a secure transfer medium, and actually extends our authoring deadline because we save a day in shipping time."

"We are extremely pleased to partner with Sonic, the industry's standard for authoring commercial DVD releases," said Bill Laursen, DCA sales manager. "By adding this functionality to their products, Sonic offers its users the ability to not only keep their existing process workflow, but also add secure electronic delivery of their authored DVD Video."

"Sonic continues to refine professional authoring workflow, raising the standard of efficiency to enable our customers greater flexibility to conduct their DVD authoring business," said Rolf Hartley, VP and GM of Sonic's Professional Products Group. "Our partnership with DCA is strategic in its importance to bring the very best in professional DVD technology to our customers."

Sonic plans to enable the secure transfer technology through DDP image file generation to hard disk in the next versions of its Sonic Scenarist, DVD Producer and Sonic ROM Formatter software.

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