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Software Company Authors DVD-Authoring Seminar Series

19 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

Sonic Solutions announced today the launch of a DVD creation seminar series entitled Burn and Earn to be offered September through December of this year.

The seminar series, co-sponsored by Cinram, CustomFlix, Mitsui Advanced Media, and Videography magazine and to be staged in major U.S. cities, will take participants through a step-by-step discussion and demonstration on how to create and distribute compelling DVDs using Sonic's authoring solutions.

With a special emphasis on breakthrough technology in DVD production to reduce title production time to market, Sonic's Burn and Earn tour will focus on real-world approaches to preparing content, handling assets and creating interactive DVD titles.

The Burn and Earn seminar series will cover topics including MPEG encoding versus software transcoding and hardware encoding, and OpenDVD technology that allows DVDs that have already been created to be reopened and revised without reference to any original source materials. Sonic's point-and-click interactivity and automatic navigation programming interface will also be discussed and demonstrated.

Seminar speakers will explain workflow concepts including DVD editing and revision concepts available with OpenDVD-compliant authoring, and how DVD producers can create extremely advanced DVD titles very quickly using multiple languages and subtitles, AVI files, and MPEG from their NLE suite.

The first Burn and Earn seminar will be held in Boston, with additional seminars scheduled throughout the United States and Canada. To register or to learn more about the seminars, attendees can visit the Sonic Web site at sonic.com/seminars, or e-mail the seminar coordinator at dvdseminar@sonic.com.

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