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'Snow White' and 'Godfather' Streeting on the Same Day Stir Commotion, Sales at Retail

12 Oct, 2001 By: Jessica Wolf

With Snow White and The Godfather both streeting on the same day, there was quite a commotion at retail.

At the Wal-Mart in Costa Mesa, Calif., a large merchandiser filled with Snow White DVDs went up at the entrance to the entertainment section the day the title was released. A smaller display was by the cash register. The selling price: $17.95. The Godfather set was in the new release section, priced at $68.44.

Meanwhile, at the nearby Target, clerks were wearing Snow White buttons and handing them out to customers. Among the early buyers was Tanice Roberts, who picked up a copy for her 4-year-old daughter. “We have it on video[cassette], but she is always asking, ‘Where is the skinny Snow White?'” Roberts said, referring to her daughter's discovery, with The Little Mermaid, that movies are available on disc.

Also Oct. 9, a high-volume Los Angeles Best Buy greeted visitors with two pallets packed with about 300 DVDs of each title, right at the entrance. Snow White was priced at $17.99 and The Godfather set went for $69.95, just below the MAP set by Paramount.

Pointing to The Godfather display, Amos Roger, the store's supervisor of entertainment software, predicted, “Between 6 and 8 p.m. that display will be empty.”

The Snow White pallet, Roger predicted, would take about three days to empty, due in part to advance sales that allow customers to pick up their orders at their leisure.

A Best Buy customer who asked to be identified only as John picked up a copy of each title. He received a DVD player as a gift last Christmas. “I've bought 60 to 70 DVDs since then,” he said, then added, with a laugh, “I curse the person who bought it for me.”

Meanwhile, The Mummy Returns, which also got its own pallet when it streeted the week before, moved all 385 units its first day.

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