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Smurfs Smurfing to DVD

3 Nov, 2007 By: John Latchem

The Smurfs: Season One, Vol. One

Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Jokey and the entire Smurf Village will take their adventures to DVD next year when Warner Home Video releases The Smurfs: Season One, Vol. One.

The two-DVD set includes remastered versions of the first 19 episodes of the Hanna-Barbera animated series, which ran on NBC from 1981 to 1990.

The $26.99 collection streets Feb. 26, 2008 (prebook Jan. 22), just in time to kick off the 50th anniversary of the little blue-skinned creatures.

The Smurfs were introduced in 1958 in a European comic strip by Belgian artist Peyo as minor characters in the tales of two Medieval adventurers. The tiny critters proved popular enough to spawn their own stories, followed by a line of toys and games.

Smurf dolls made their way to America in the 1970s and became successful enough to inspire legendary television executive Fred Silverman to commission an animated series for American audiences.

Extra features on the DVD include the bonus episode “The Smurfs Springtime Special” and a music video of the famous title tune with clips of the best moments of the first season.

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