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Sivoo Programming on Joost

15 May, 2007 By: Angelique Flores

Sivoo announced May 15 the availability of three Sivoo-branded channels on Joost.

Under the agreement, Sivoo initially will supply Joost with 25 hours of programming in Spanish, Chinese and Hindi. The content ranges from feature films and Bollywood films to telenovelas and TV episodes. Sivoo will refresh the selection monthly with 10 hours of new programming in each language, and the programming will be free to viewers.

“The Joost platform is an entertainment destination for people from diverse backgrounds to enjoy high-quality programming that appeals to them,” said Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, EVP of content strategy and acquisition for Joost. “With its wide selection of high-quality foreign-language programming from top producers worldwide, Sivoo is an ideal multicultural content partner.”

Sivoo, the first Internet TV network of multicultural on-demand programming, already has promo content on Grouper, Revver, YouTube and Fios. Its own site has about 100,000 visitors monthly.

“There's no cannibalization when you're in multiple places on the Web,” Sternfeld said. “Sivoo is building a brand around multicultural content. We need to be in multiple places for people to know us.”

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