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Site Logs Street Date Violations

8 Jul, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

Street date violations are the bane of independent rentailers' existence. Just ask them.

Todd Wolfe knows that, and he thinks he may have the answer: streetdateviolations.com.

Wolfe, an IT manager, launched the site in early May as an online resource for consumers and retailers to report video and music release street date violations. He hopes to gain studios, music labels and distributors as clients for the service, but admits he has no clients yet.

“We want to work with suppliers and distributors to enforce their policies regarding street dates,” he said, adding he is targeting them as potential advertisers as well. “The business model is to let the independents know there is something out there for them to report violations.”

Wolfe hopes to get distributors on board with a reward program that would offer consumers a free DVD in exchange for verified tips.

“Adherence to street date is important,” Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) president Bo Andersen said. “A common release timing for all retailers enhances the value of retailer and studio marketing, helps build consumer anticipation, reduces the cost of logistics and distribution, and contributes to healthy competition among suppliers and retailers by leveling the playing field. We believe the ongoing dialogue VSDA has established with the studios about street-date adherence is most likely to yield an effective solution to this vexing problem.”

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