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Singapore Pirate Draws 18 Months

By : Hive News | Posted: 11 Apr 2002

A video pirate who sold DVDs and VCDs over the Internet has pleaded guilty to copyright infringement and been sentenced to 18 months in jail, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) reports,

Singapore authorities arrested Adrian Ng last Nov. 27 following an international investigation. Authorities say he was operating "IZERO," a Web site based in Singapore that sold high-quality pirated DVDs and VCDs to customers in the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and New Zealand.

Police seized more than 2,000 pirate DVDs, 500 pirate VCDs and 100 CD-Rs at the time of Ng's arrest and authorities detained 26 packages from a local courier company the next morning. The packages contained another 2,000 pirate DVDs and 200 pirate VCDs. Titles seized included Swordfish, Training Day, Angel Eyes, The Heist and Bandits.

Ng pleaded guilty April 2 before the Singapore Subordinate Courts and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. He was immediately remanded to jail.

During the investigation, UK Customs estimated Ng was responsible for importing as many as 30,000 pirate DVDs per week into the UK market, an MPAA spokesperson said.

UK-FACT, the MPA's enforcement arm in the UK, and MPA's Singapore program collaborated on the yearlong cross-border investigation with assistance from the major international courier companies which NG had used to transport the illegal film products.

"We are grateful to all of the law enforcement and customs agencies who worked to bring Ng to justice. The expedience of the judicial system in Singapore and the deterrent sentence delivered is encouraging in the fight against digital piracy," said Ken Jacobsen, SVPand Director, Worldwide Anti-Piracy, MPAA. "Unfortunately, this case demonstrates the global nature and very real threat to the film industry from Internet piracy and in this case, the convergence of optical disc and Internet piracy,".



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