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Shout! Factory Distributes Animation From Jetix Europe

10 Jul, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

Shout! Factory has agreed to distribute the animated properties of Jetix Europe in the United States.

The exclusive agreement includes the distribution of 39 half-hour episodes of “Pucca” and 26 half-hour episodes of “Oban Star-Racers.”

“This new deal … further supports our commitment to broadening our library of kids and family-friendly oriented entertainment content,” said Shout! Factory president Garson Foos. “Over the past years, we have been aggressively expanding our position in the home entertainment marketplace.”

“Pucca” is a “funky” Korean cult comedy series about the daughter of a Chinese restaurant owner, infatuated with a young boy. But the boy is intent on becoming a ninja and just wants to be left alone.

“Oban Star-Racers” is a futuristic adventure series that revolves around a race that takes place only once every 10,000 years. The winner receives a mysterious prize that tips the balance of power throughout the universe.

“This agreement develops further the TV presence of these properties in North America,” said Tina Lorenzo, director of international home entertainment for Jetix Consumer Products.

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