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Shelf-Life DVDs Debut at Latin MTV Awards

22 Oct, 2002 By: Hive News

One unexpected winner at this year's MTV Video Music Awards Latin America (VMALA) Thursday in Miami, Florida, is Flexplay Technologies, Inc., a privately held company based in New York, which will launch its disposable DVD line.

The Flexplay DVD – an expiring DVD that works in all players, DVD drives and gaming systems designed to accept standard DVDs, then becomes unviewable after a predetermined amount of time -- will be distributed to guests along with the evening's program book.

"We are thrilled that MTV Networks Latin America is allowing us to introduce the technology at their first-ever VMA Latin America and look forward to working with the music industry for all its needs from sampling and promotions to full-length artists' performances and compilation presentations," said Alan Blaustein, CEO of Flexplay. "The Flexplay limited-time play DVD is an extremely adaptable product, offering a new outlet for music and musicians, and a new choice for their audience."

The Award program's Flexplay DVD contains a compilation of music videos and other content from five of the nominated artists.

A Flexplay DVD differs from a conventional DVD only in that it has a limited viewing window following removal from its packaging. After the allotted time, the disc's content becomes unreadable on DVD players.

"We've brought together the best engineers in the DVD industry to perfect this innovative technology," said Art LeBlanc, president of Flexplay. "There are no limits to the possibilities for the Flexplay limited-time play DVDs and we are delighted to be debuting this next generation of DVD usage."

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