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Sexual Healing

11 Jan, 2003 By: Dan Bennett

In the erotica industry, there are how-tos as well as show-it-alls.

Access Instructional Media is one of the most respected suppliers combining erotica with sexual therapy. Led by Dr. Michael Perry, a certified sex therapist and internationally known author and educator, the company produces a number of different series meant to engage the viewer in hot passion while also providing practical advice.

“We're attempting to expand the genre,” Perry said. “Most people are interested in sex and want to enjoy a better sex life. Our goal is to help people overcome any sexual problems or fears they might have, and video is one of the ways we do that, taking off from the ideas that are suggested and utilized in my private practice.”

The videos include several series, such as “The Couples Sex Series,” “The Getaway Series,” “The Intimacy Couples Series,” “The Sex Surrogate Series” and “The Kama Sutra Series,” among many others.

“They are designed to enrich people's sex lives,” Perry said. “Everybody wants to learn to be a better partner.”

Access sells its product through a Web site at www.sexualintimacy.com, and also through small and large retailers as well as video specialty stores.

“This kind of product is a great opportunity for retailers to go beyond male-oriented erotica and provide erotica for couples,” Perry said. “It can increase attention from women customers.

“But you don't want to put it next to fitness product, necessarily, because it's a different type of thing. But if you can create an area where women and couples can spend time, this product gives them something they rarely see. It's also great product to build a Valentine's Day display for couples.”

Yes, the product is often explicit.

“But it's explicit with an instructional bent,” Perry said. “Playboy buys our product, so the quality is definitely there. These are videos that entertain while they help.”

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