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Seth Green Revisits His Last “Buffy” Episode

3 Aug, 2002 By: Fred Topel

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer's” season two DVD just came out in June and season three has not yet been announced, but Seth Green has already recorded a commentary track for the season four DVD.

He met with producers Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon on the set of Buffy's house to speak about the episode “Wild at Heart,” his final episode as a series regular.

“It was so silly,” Green said. “It was me and Joss and Marti sitting in the living room of the house set with a TV. You couldn't hear any of the sound and it was basically us joking around, the three of us. And every once in a while we'd be like, ‘Oh, remember when we did that, it was really fun.’

Green said the only reason they used the set was because “it was the only place they could make a makeshift screening room that they knew would be dark, that they knew would be quiet, that they knew would be undisturbed. But it was weird being in that house again.”

Reuniting with his “Buffy” bosses, Green said the biggest point of conversation was all the Internet rumors about the return of his character, Oz.

“For the first time [Whedon] actually said to me, ‘Hey, you know, everybody on the Internet's been talking about it,’ Green recalled. “We never talked about it in the three years since I've been there. No official contact was made. I'd hear on the Internet that there's this great train of rumors because my friends, you know, hear about stuff. My friend calls me up and he goes, ‘Are you going back to “Buffy”?' And I'm like, ‘Am I what?' And he goes, ‘Are you going to do the “Buffy” Halloween episode?' I'm like, ‘The what?' And he said, ‘It's all over the Internet that you're going to do the “Buffy” Halloween episode.' And I'm like, ‘Am I? I haven't heard anything.' A week later he goes, ‘Yeah, they said your schedule wouldn't permit it.' And then somebody else said, ‘You asked for too much money.’Green said he takes the fan noise in stride.

“There's a whole world that exists outside of reality, and you have to kind of accept that that's going to happen and laugh about it and know that it's not your reality,” he said.

Green doesn't rule out a return to the television show that helped spawn his career.

“I really love those people,” he said. “You don't get much more real talent than Joss Whedon. He put it perfectly, [saying] if we had the right script and you at the right time, we'd do it. And I said we would.”

Green said he also participated in interviews that may be compiled for more extra features on the DVD.

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