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Sellers Showcase Buena Vista

16 Jan, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

The first wave of Buena Vista's 2003 Movie Showcase washed over retailers last week.

At a Southern California Best Buy, a giant Movie Showcase-themed merchandiser was stocked with a bounty of “disappearing classics”: Disney animated DVDs bound for moratorium, like Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and Cinderella II. All were priced at $19.99.

The merchandiser touted “final shipments have arrived,” and consumers met the display with a sort of get-'em-while-they-last mentality, a clerk said. He said he also noticed many Disney fans didn't know the titles on display were about to be placed on moratorium, but many shoppers, after years of cassette purchasing, were already familiar with Disney's practice of retiring popular titles. The other side of the display featured live-action catalog titles from BVHE, like Sling Blade, Cabin Boy and Remember the Titans, at prices ranging from $7.99 to $14.99. Best Buy took advantage of the supplier's repricings to offer a bevy of Buena Vista must-have DVDs at $12.99, including Armageddon, Clerks, The Crow Collector's Edition, Swingers Collector's Edition and Gone in 60 Seconds (among others). Shelftalkers throughout the DVD section touted the hot sale price, and Best Buy's circular for the region tagged the promo and offered a special deal -- shoppers can pick up one of the “disappearing classics” for $9.99 with the purchase of any two other advertised DVDs in the promo.

At a nearby Costco, where shelf space in the video section is precious, Buena Vista Movie Showcase-logoed pallets took up 90 percent of the store's only DVD endcap, and signage offered stacks of Buena Vista DVDs, also priced at $12.99.

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