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Say Hello to the 'Scarface' Game

29 Sep, 2006 By: Angelique Flores

Traces of Brian De Palma's 1983 movie Scarface are everywhere from TV, films and music.

And now it's hitting the video game world.

Vivendi Games' Scarface: The World Is Yours hits stores Oct. 8 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Portable and Windows PC ($49.99).

Game developer Radical Entertainment brought in screenwriter David McKenna (Blow, American History X) to craft the storyline: What if Tony Montana gets out of that mansion shootout alive, but with nothing? So players have to build Tony's empire of money, power and property from scratch, said Pete Wanat, executive producer on the game.

“They can pimp out his house however the player wants it done,” he said.

Radical painstakingly portrayed details of the film's key locations, characters and elements to create a “fictional extension” of the movie.

“The fictional extension is not to tell the movie story, but to fill in the blanks,” said Bill Kispert, VP, Interactive, at Universal Studios. Tony's mansion, the Babylon Club, the Sun Ray Motel and the characters are all identical to the film, Kispert said.

“Tony still hates Columbians; he still has a propensity for the dropping the ‘F' word,” Wanat said.

The biggest coup for Vivendi was involving Al Pacino, who for the first time allowed his likeness to be used in a video game, Kispert said.

Pacino also reviewed the game to keep it in line with the film and insisted on having Tony's moral code. Tony never hurt innocent people in the film, and the game won't allow it either. For example, if a player lines up an innocent woman to shoot her, Tony's voice will reprimand the player with something such as “that goes against my code!” The player feels he has a choice, but the game won't allow the player to purposely fire on innocent people, Wanat said.

That doesn't mean Tony takes it easy on his enemies or that there's any lack of bloodshed. All that action is supported by sound effects from Skywalker Sound, THX sound and musical licensing from top artists.

Forty actors — many who requested to be part of the project — lent their voice to the game, including Scarface actors Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia, James Woods, Ricky Gervais and Elliot Gould. Other talent includes musicians B Real, Ice T and Lemmy of Motorhead, as well as NASCAR champ Dale Earnhardt Jr.

A limited collector's edition ($59.99) for the PS2 will include a DVD with a making-of documentary, a game walkthrough with commentary, interviews, hints and tips, and a map of the in-game world.

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