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Rodriguez Plans Triple Threat ‘Sin City' DVD

20 Apr, 2005 By: Fred Topel

Robert Rodriguez's latest film, Sin City, tells three interweaving stories based on Frank Miller's comic books, which could lead to an interesting DVD extra.

At a press conference last month, the director suggested releasing the film on a two-disc DVD, with the first disc containing the theatrical film and the second containing the three stories in separate cuts. At about 45 minutes each, the individual stories would be longer than presented in the film.

“We shot the full stories of the books,” Rodriguez said. “You can just watch ‘The Big Fat Kill' from beginning to end — the full cut. Then switch over and watch ‘The Yellow Bastard,' and that's 45 minutes. It'll have all the material back in, so it'll be like the experience of picking up the book, where you pick up one story and you read it from beginning to end. You can shuffle your own version of the movie and just watch them all separately.”

Rodriguez teased some of the deleted scenes that could be restored into the short story versions of the film.

“Mickey Rourke doesn't go visit his mom [in the theatrical film], like he did in the book, and get his gun and things like that, but we shot all that,” he said. “It's all great stuff. It just wasn't necessary for the feature.”

Having shot footage intended specifically for the standalone short films, Rodriguez said, “I think it's going to be somewhat revolutionary to see those kinds of scenes that were cut out be put back in another format, because they seem perfectly fine and they work. They just needed to be taken out for the long haul of the feature.”

Since Rodriguez shot the film on green screen, he wants to include extended takes of raw footage showing the directors working with the actors. He gave an example of a shot Quentin Tarantino directed.

“You actually get to see Quentin come into frame and give [the actors] direction,” he said. “People are going to learn a lot from that … an uninterrupted 16 minutes, and you'll see pieces that we used.”

Rodriguez's traditional “10-Minute Film School” will expand.

“It'll be a 20-minute film school probably for this one, because … it's just a big project,” he said. “This one in particular will interest people, because when you see the before and after, you'll be astonished.”

Finally, Rodriguez has plans for another “10-Minute Cooking School,” a segment he began on his Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD.

“It'll be “Sin City Breakfast Tacos” in which I'll make a homemade flour tortilla, and it's the best meal you can probably ever learn,” he said.

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