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'Robotech' Special Edition DTV Has Comedic Alternate Sequences

27 Jul, 2007 By: Billy Gil

(L-R): 'Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles' writers Ford Riley and Steve Yun; 'Shadow Chronicles' director Tommy Yune; and publicist Kevin McKeever

SAN DIEGO — The November release of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (two-disc collector's edition) won't just give fans of the classic-anime-turned-direct-to-DVD project another notch in their collector's post. It will give them a good deal to laugh at.

In one scene of the film, which was first released Feb. 6, the alien-Invid character Ariel (who originally appeared in the third season of the “Robotech” TV series) rises from a planet in a fiery glow. In the alternate version of the scene, that glow looks strangely phallic, causing the audience at 2007's Comic-Con International to snicker and confirming director Tommy Yune's belief that they had to reconfigure it.

In another alternate sequence (shown in a preliminarily drawn form), the brother and sister characters Marcus and Marlene are shown having a discussion nearly nude. Yune said the animators misunderstood the quick drawings done by a storyboard artist.

In yet another alternate sequence previewed at Comic-Con, the character Scott watches Ariel in an ethereal state — nearly nude — prompting animators to surge the glow surrounding Ariel.

“He doesn't remember a word she said,” Yune joked.

These unintentionally inappropriate alternate sequences can be viewed in a split-screen format with the finished film, as well as with optional commentary. The two-disc collector's edition also includes a 45-minute making-of featurette; a commentary track with composer Scott Glasgow, screenwriter Ford Riley and director Yune; and footage and production designs for the aborted series “Robotech 3000.”

The panel also previewed a trailer for the DTV sequel, Robotech: Shadow Rising, which the filmmakers said will arrive in about two years.

When asked about high-definition, the panel revealed Funimation had committed to Blu-ray Disc for any future high-definition Funimation releases.

And as far as the future of “Robotech,” they said the DTV film route was preferred over TV, as it will keep the control with show creators Harmony Gold rather than with a TV channel's in-house studios.

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