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Rhino to Release New David Lynch Film

16 Nov, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Laura Dern in 'Inland Empire.'

Rhino Entertainment, home of quirky music and TV DVDs, is partnering with celebrated filmmaker David Lynch to bring his new project, Inland Empire, to video. The film, which stars Laura Dern and was shot entirely on a Sony DSR-PD150 digital camera, will be marketed and distributed on DVD following a limited theatrical run in December through 518 Media.

Lynch promises lots of extras on the DVD. “The DVD will be really cool,” he said. “It will have so much great stuff on there. I am going to load it up and make it exactly the way I want it.”

Inland Empire debuted at the Venice Film Festival and had its U.S. premiere at the New York Film Festival. It was screened at the AFI Fest earlier this month in Los Angeles, and in December will have showings in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Pasadena, Calif.

Lynch said he likes dealing with small companies because he has much more control.

“I like the idea of going around and meeting the people, being among the people, and go like back in the old days when people would put their records in the backseat of the car and hit the road to meet the deejays to get a record played,” Lynch said. “For the first time since Eraserhead, I can start meeting the theater owners again, the ones at the end of the chain who have played my films over the years and helped me out.”

Sig Sigworth, VP of video for Rhino, said Inland Empire likely will be out in the summer, depending on how long the film plays theatrically.

“It's a new project for us,” Sigworth said. “From my standpoint and Rhino's standpoint, we are interested with working with world-class artists in all genres, whether it's film or music or television, and David Lynch certainly fits that moniker.”

Sigworth said Lynch will be very involved with the production of the DVD.

“He's very excited about the DVD,” Sigworth said. “He has a lot invested in it, not just the last three years of his life but also financially.”

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