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Retailers Wrapping Up DVD

10 Jan, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

The holidays may be over, but retailers are just getting started with DVD.

Merchandising and pricing tactics in the post-Christmas racks showed that retailers are hip to the fact that there's a whole new crop of DVD-player owners out there and that stores will continue to make building a collection easy for the newest of DVD enthusiasts.

Early in the shopping season, a Southern California Best Buy location labeled a section “Special Buys” next to the store's DVD new-release stock. Over the holidays, shoppers could find low-priced Christmas-themed and animated DVDs. Last week, the section was remerchandised to feature specially priced DVD two-packs from Fox. Shrinkwrapped side-by-side and stickered as a “DVD deal” at $16.99 were Fox DVDs Cast Away packaged with Grand Canyon; Freddy Got Fingered with Dude, Where's My Car?; Titan A.E. with Planet of the Apes; Dr. Dolittle with Dr. Dolittle 2; and Don't Say a Word with Wall Street.

At a nearby Target location, shoppers could find a selection of some recent high-powered DVD releases for the build-your-library-type price of $16.88 on hits like XXX, Minority Report, Men in Black II, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Spider-Man, Lilo & Stitch, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Monsters, Inc. Most other retailers have already inched the prices of these titles into the $20 range. Target advertised the deal in its mailer for the region, and Target shoppers not only enjoyed extended low pricing on the Back to the Future Trilogy, but also got a free silver DeLorean (the car featured in the films) keychain packaged with the set.

A local Wal-Mart welcomed new DVD owners to its low-priced DVD stock with a new under-$8 catalog merchandiser in the aisle just outside the video section.

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