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Retail Handles Life After <I>Harry</I>

6 Jun, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

The week after Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone streeted, retailers still had plenty of product on hand. Where to put it and how to play it without neglecting other new releases seemed to be the theme at retail the week after the wizard's onslaught, with some locations doing better than others.

On Wednesday last week, one Southern California Target location -- a store that rarely, if ever, uses point-of-purchase merchandiser displays -- devoted to Potter nearly half of the slots in the DVD new-release wall and the store's VHS new-release endcap. Other titles that streeted in the past few weeks were hard to find, not labeled with correct prices, or not yet shelved, although boxes of unopened product were stacked around the DVD section.

A nearby Wal-Mart, on the other hand, kept Harry apart from the rest of the video section on two huge, well-stocked merchandisers near the register, leaving room in the new-release section for other titles.

At a local Best Buy, the newest releases of the week can usually be found on merchandiser displays that only stay up until the next week's round of hits roll in. However, Harry Potter merchandisers remained and were the only displays in the video section.

At Borders, Potter merchandisers also held their ground, and the DVD ran on a loop at a Borders kiosk in the video section. Harry memorabilia and promotional materials were located throughout the store.

Borders also played up the British angle near its Harry kiosk,with a special “British Royalty” endcap timed to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee celebrations last week. It featured DVDs of Henry V, Camelot, Elizabeth, Excalibur, Shakespeare in Love, Richard III and Braveheart.

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