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Report: YouTube Tops U.S. Online Video Market

3 Dec, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Nearly 70 million users frequenting sites associated with online search behemoth Google Inc. — most notably YouTube — viewed more than 2.6 billion videos in September, representing 28.3% (No. 1) of the U.S. Web video market.

The viewers represented 39.4% of all U.S. Internet users, according to a report released by ComScore Inc.

The Reston, Va.-based media research firm found that Fox Interactive Media, which includes MySpace, finished a distant second (4.2%), with 41 million users (22.6%) watching 387 million video views of both electronic sellthrough and streamed content.

More than 39 million users (21.7%) watched Yahoo sites, which finished third with 381 million video views and 4.1% market share.

Separately, MySpace TV had 766,000 viewers of 1.1 million videos in September.

The study found that online video viewers averaged about three hours of video (2.7 minutes per video) in the month, or more than two videos per day.

Other sites included:

Viacom Digital with 25 million unique visitors (14% of U.S. Web users) watching 304 million video views (3.3%).

Time Warner Network with 30 million users (16.9%) watching 194 million videos (2.2%).

Microsoft sites featured 194 million views (2.1%) with 28 million unique visitors (15.4%).

Disney Online had 10.5 million visitors (5.8%) watch 92 million videos (1%).

Sports site ESPN had 10.7 million (5.9%) users watch 89 million videos (1%).

Comcast Corp. had 52 million videos (0.6%) while CBS Corp. had 48 million videos (0.5%) and 8 million unique users (4.5%).

Finally, online video poker site Bodog had nearly 17 million unique visitors (9.3%).

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