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Report: YouTube Maintains Online Video Dominance

12 May, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Online video consumption, spearheaded by YouTube, in March continued at a frenetic clip, up 64% to 11.5 billion videos views compared to same period last year, according to a new report.

ComScore Video Metrix, a Reston, Va.-based research firm, said Google Inc.'s popular social video site generated 4.3 billion video views or 38% market share of all online videos.

Fox Interactive Media (FIM) sites ranked a distant second (4.2%) with more than 477 million video views, followed by Yahoo with 328 million (2.9%), Viacom Digital with 249 million (2.2%) and Microsoft with 245 million and 2.1% market share.

The following top five sites included Time Warner (excluding AOL) with 159 million (1.4%), Disney Online with 108 million (0.9%), ABC.com (100 million, 0.9%), AOL (100 million, 0.9%) and ESPN with 89 million (0.8%).

The report founded that nearly 74% of the U.S. Web-enabled audience (139 million) watched an average of 83 videos in March.

Once again, YouTube (Google) attracted the largest audience with more than 85 million unique viewers, who watched an average of nearly 51 videos.

FIM followed with 54 million viewers watching 8.8 videos; Yahoo with 37.5 million viewers (8.7 videos); Viacom (26.6 million, 9.4 videos); Microsoft (25.1 million, 9.7 videos); Time Warner (22.3 million, 7.1 videos); AOL (21.8 million, 4.6 videos); Disney (12.2 million, 8.8 videos); ESPN (10 million, 8.9 videos) and CBS Corp. with 9.4 million viewers watching an average of 6.6 videos.

The average online video was 2.8 minutes long and the average viewer watched 235 total minutes.

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