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Report: Video Games Sales Outpace Home Video Sales

28 Jan, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

A software report from research firm Media Control Gfk International found that in 2008, sales of video games for the first time ever outpaced sales of DVD. Prices aside — a $50 video game vs. a $20 DVD — the statistics show gaming is proving exceptionally recession resilient.

Even with Blu-ray Disc added in, overall DVD sales were down 6% from the previous year in 2008 to $29 billion in sales, according to the report. Sales of video game software, however, jumped 20% in 2008, to $32 billion.

Console video game sales represented $21 billion of the pie, with handheld and PC games accounting for the rest. Games for Nintendo’s Wii system drove most of the growth, Gfk reported.

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