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Report: User-generated Video Up 70% in 2007

16 Jan, 2008 By: Billy Gil

A new report by Research and Markets found there were a total of 22.4 billion views of user-generated video (UGV) in 2007, up 70% from 13.2 billion views in 2006.

Research and Markets forcasts the UGV market to grow by 52% in 2008, reaching 34 billion views. Other key elements to the report included an estimated 831,147 videos added to YouTube in 2007; that a total of 1,176,123 videos were added to major UGV sites; that an average video garnered 10,695 views on select sites; that Crackle.com, which has emphasized professionally produced content, led the market in generating average views per video, at 216,596; and that Metacafe, which includes adult content, was at second place with 85,505 views per video.

The report, “User Generated Video 2005-2008: Mania Meets Mainstream,” also incorporated professionally produced video, semi-professional video and partner channel video views, and was based on unique views.

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