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Report: Most DVR Users Skip Ads

10 Dec, 2007 By: Billy Gil

TiVo is among the DVR providers discussed in the survey.

A survey from ABI Research found that one in four online consumers uses a digital video recorder (DVR). But about 82% are using them to skip ads.

TiVo, the primary supplier of DVR, showed nearly identical results to DVR users in general, with nearly four out of five users skipping commercials. Additionally, nearly half of both TiVo users and general DVR users record two or more hours of programming a day.

“The market for DVR is fairly mature,” said Michael Wolf, research director at ABI Research. “While just a few years ago many consumers still did not have a firm grasp of the benefit DVRs would bring them, today the concept of DVR and time-shifting is fairly well understood.”

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