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Report: Mobile Entertainment Faces Consumer Concern

31 Mar, 2008 By: Billy Gil

A survey from Tel Aviv, Israel-based Bamboo MediaCasting, which provides content-delivery solutions for mobile media, indicates the mobile media industry faces frustration from consumers regarding image quality, bandwidth limitations and the overall consumer experience.

Bamboo MediaCasting, in association with Chicago-based market research company Synovate, in March surveyed 1,000 online consumers regarding what they found the most troubling part to be of viewing video on cellular phones. The survey found that 51% of total respondents expected mobile video subscriptions would be too expensive; of respondents who did not cite cost, 45.5% thought image quality would be poor, 27% cited loading-speed issues, 17% thought the process would be too complex and 10% anticipated limited content choices.

The survey also found women were more likely than men to be concerned with video image quality (48% versus 43%) and that the youngest demographic (ages 14-18) were least concerned with image quality and most concerned with download speeds. The entire report can be acquired by e-mailing info@edgecommunicationsinc.com.

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