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Report: DVR, Home Theaters and Video Game Systems Thrive

6 Mar, 2008 By: Billy Gil

A new survey conducted by ABI Research of 1,002 consumers online revealed 38% had home theater systems or video game consoles attached to their televisions, while nearly as many used a DVR.

The survey also showed 25% of respondents chose their pay-TV service based on price, nearly as many chose based on convenience and promotional offers, and programming and customer service only mattered to 15% to 20%. Meanwhile only a few respondents used network media adaptors, mobile TV only appealed to 6% of respondents, and more than one-third said they would not pay for common TV add-on services, with many instead opting for free ad-supported VOD service.

Other results included that news clips were the most popular form of online video content (65%), about half of respondents (53%) use pay-per-view a few times a year (very few used it to watch movies more than once a week), and 40% said they owned at least one HDTV. The entire report is available at www.abiresearch.com/whitepaperDL.jsp?id=30.

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