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Report: DVD, Blu-ray Reign in Western Europe

By : Erik Gruenwedel | Posted: 12 Sep 2008

Packaged media sales of DVD and Blu-ray movies in Western Europe are expected to generate $14.8 billion in revenue this year, compared to $500 million for electronic sellthrough, according to a new report.

London-based Futuresource Consulting said repromotion of DVD movies three-to-four months after their initial release and continued consumer demand for TV DVD fare are driving packaged media sales. Blockbuster titles released on Blu-ray are contributing as well.

“Although TV content is performing well in the United Kingdom, it has been Germany, Spain and Belgium that [have] witnessed 25% growth rates in an otherwise near flat market,” the report said.

The study found that electronic sellthrough in the region, similarly to the United States, remains a slow work in progress and isn’t expected to gain traction until 2012 when it and mobile video will represent 13% of total video revenues in Western Europe.

The report concluded that online video revenue will be spearheaded by Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s recently launched PlayStation Network video service.

Futuresource will discuss the home video industry in greater detail at the European Supply Chain Academy Conference in Prague Oct. 2-3.


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