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Rentrak Adds Blu-ray to Sony Revenue-sharing Deal

16 Jul, 2007 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Blu-ray Disc is going to the masses. Rentrak Corp. July 16 announced it has broadened its revenue-sharing deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to include the high-definition discs, beginning in September.

The deal marks Rentrak's first Blu-ray Disc distribution arrangement and includes more than 80 catalog and new-release titles. It makes it easier for video rental dealers to bring in Blu-ray Disc titles because Rentrak's pay-per-transaction (PPT) program allows retailers to bring in more copies of new releases with less of an up-front investment. PPT retailers then share a percentage of rental revenue with Rentrak, and the studio, as it is earned.

“This move illustrates Rentrak's market knowledge and foresight to get in on the ground floor of this fast-moving industry trend that will help accelerate consumer adoption of high-definition technology,” said Marty Graham, president of Rentrak's PPT division. “Our revenue-sharing model is an effective way to represent a broad range of titles and sets the stage for Rentrak to distribute additional high-definition content from our large roster of studio partners.”

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