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Relax — ‘Be Cool' Is Coming

29 Mar, 2005 By: Brendan Howard

Fans of Be Cool won't have to bemoan the arrival of a vanilla DVD. The comedy, starring John Travolta and Uma Thurman, is coming fully loaded.

The $38.4 million box office Be Cool streets June 7 (prebook May 10) on widescreen or full-screen DVD ($27.58 each) and rental-priced VHS.

DVD extras for the sequel to Get Shorty include 14 deleted scenes, a seven-minute gag reel, a making-of documentary, a music video starring Be Cool actor The Rock, and “Close Up” featurettes on the movie's stars: Travolta, Thurman, The Rock, Andre Benjamin (rapper from the group Outkast), Cedric the Entertainer and Christina Milian.

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