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RealNetworks Adds DVD To Its Media Player

20 Aug, 2002 By: Hive News

RealNetworks, Inc. today released its first media player software capable of playing DVDs.

The company bills its new RealOnePlayer, available as a download at www.real.com, as the first universal media player, offering playback of every major digital media format including RealAudio, RealVideo, MP3, Windows Media and QuickTime MPEG-4 and more than 50 other formats.

Offering DVD playback support for the first time, RealOne Player gives consumers a full-screen theater mode for viewing and new contextual DVD controls for the ultimate in easy navigation. Options include the ability to mouse through the traditional DVD controls such as menu, chapter, title and language options, and an on-screen digital DVD remote.

In addition, the new RealOne Player includes CD burner functionality and “substantially enhanced” online radio services.

"Today's announcement truly changes the rules of digital media for both consumers and the industry. With only one player, consumers can now get all the media they want -- just click and it plays," said RealNetworks, Inc. founder and CEO Rob Glaser.

"Since the earliest days of online video and audio, consumers have longed for a universal media player. Offering a compelling environment for multiformat media playback, RealOne has significantly advanced Web media functionality, paving the road for next generation streaming media services," Ben Reneker, Kagan World.

RealOne Player 2.0, which includes TurboPlay, Theater Mode, DVD playback, and full-speed CD-burning, is available for download at www.real.com.

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