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Reagan, Stewart Memorialized In DVD Sets

15 May, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

It was bound to happen. Ronald Reagan is being honored with a DVD boxed set of his movies.

Warner Home Video has set an Aug. 15 release date for “Ronald Reagan: The Signature Collection,” a set of five classic movies from the former President's glory days in Hollywood, including 1940's Knute Rockne All-American, his first major role, opposite Bette Davis. In it, Reagan — who went on to make more than 50 movies — plays ill-fated Notre Dame football legend George Gipp.

Also featured in the $50 collection are King's Row, The Hasty Heart, Storm Warning and The Winning Team. Conspicuously absent: Bedtime for Bonzo, one of Reagan's later films, in which he played opposite a chimp (Universal released the film on DVD last year).

Also debuting Aug. 15 from Warner Home Video is “James Stewart: The Signature Collection,” with The FBI Story, The Naked Spur, The Stratton Story and a double feature DVD that marks the widescreen debuts of The Cheyenne Social Club and Fire Creek.Orders for the $49.92 sets are due July 11.

“Two iconic American actors give some of their best performances in these collections,” said George Feltenstein, Warner Home Video's SVP of theatrical catalog marketing. “Reagan went on to become President of the United States; the funny thing is, Jimmy Stewart was so beloved by Americans that he could have been.”

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