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RCA Takes A Back Seat With Auto VHS Player

11 Mar, 2002 By: Hive News

RCA is targeting the family market with a new auto-based VHS player to rival in-car DVD options.

"With many more families taking to the road for spring break this year, they will be spending many more hours in the car than usual. Having the ability to entertain the children with their favorite videos will create a peaceful and relaxing journey for the entire family," said Vic Theobalds, TV product planning manager for Thomson's RCA brand.

The RCA mobile video cassette player (model BLV552) plays VHS tapes and can be connected to two sets of headphones and many video game systems.

Designed for use in cars, SUVs, recreational vehicles and even boats, the compact unit features a 5.6-inch color liquid crystal display (LCD) active matrix display that delivers a consistent picture even in bright lighting conditions.

Featuring a fold-down view screen, the VHS player transforms into a center console when not in use and it allows for seat belt pass-through for safety among rear seat riders. The panel clusters are backlit for easy access and all the jacks are behind the screen, keeping the cables away from viewers.

The MobileFlex(TM) motorized tape transport system provides picture stability during playback and features sophisticated engineering and electronics to minimize the effects of humidity, car temperatures and road vibrations. Picture adjustments including color, tint, brightness, and contrast are made with an easy-to-use onscreen guide menu.

The player offers a complete array of stereo audio/video inputs and outputs for connecting a portable DVD player, anotherVCR, video games, video, camera or accessory screen. An expansion A/V port with DC power enables the attachment of an additional video screen with stereo audio. The unit has built-in dual speakers and dual stereo headphone jacks, though headphones are not included. The unit includes cords to operate via a car cigarette lighter and AC power.

The BLV552 has a suggested retail price of $449 and is available at Target and Best Buy stores nationwide as well as online at rca.com.

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