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Razor Digital Goes High-Def

23 Jul, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

Razor Digital Entertainment, which specializes in fitness DVD but also offers sports, horror and Imax products, among others, has announced it will street four Blu-ray titles in November.

“When you get your Blu-ray machine, you want to show it off,” said Mitch Perliss, Razor Digital EVP. “The Imax stuff is already such great quality.”

Razor Digital will street four Blu-ray Imax titles Nov. 13 (prebook Oct. 19) at $19.99 each: Africa: The Serengeti, Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, Australia: Land Beyond Time and Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature. More will come if they do well, Perliss said.

Perliss also said Razor Digital was going with Blu-ray only because they “wanted to go worldwide (with the product) and couldn't afford to do both.” But if HD DVD player household penetration catches up with the PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray, Perliss said his company might consider doing both.

“You have to respond to the marketplace,” he said.

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