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Rambo Guns For Special Editions

7 Mar, 2002 By: Brendan Howard

Twenty years after First Blood's release, the buff, bronzed, machine-gun-toting John Rambo has finally clawed his way to special edition DVD, thanks to Artisan Home Entertainment.

Artisan will release the Rambo Special Edition Trilogy DVD Collection May 28 (prebook April 23), and each title in the collection — First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III — will include full-screen and widescreen versions and a brand-new documentary on each DVD. A fourth DVD, available only with the set, includes three more documentaries, a Rambo trivia game and seven featurettes.

“Rambo-Nomics [one of the featurettes] shows how Rambo movies did domestic versus foreign in box office [and] in international popularity,” said Randy Wells, executive director for brand marketing at Artisan Home Entertainment, adding one pop-up screen compares the international sales of posters of Rambo to those of Madonna: Rambo wins.

The collection will come in a metal tin at $59.98. Individual titles retail at $19.98 each on DVD, and $14.98 each on VHS. The VHS versions will be full-screen and include the new documentary from the DVD.

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