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Punch Drunk On DVD Extras

17 Apr, 2003 By: Brendan Howard

Director Paul Thomas Anderson is giving the Punch-Drunk Love DVD — due June 24 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment — some extra punch, but he won't be delivering an audio commentary.

“Paul put all the added value together himself,” said Michael Stradford, VP of DVD programming and contacts for Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment. “Actually, he didn't think he was going to put anything on the disc, but as time went on, he decided he would. We were just there to support him.”

Anderson, however, didn't make an audio commentary for this disc. He had done a director's commentary in the past, for New Line Home Entertainment's Boogie Nights.

What Anderson did supply for the two-disc Superbit DVD is a 12-minute featurette called “Blossoms and Blood,” which includes deleted scenes intercut with the strangely colored scenes of light that appear throughout the film.

Also included are extended scenes, most notably a lengthy fictitious TV commercial for the mattress store owned by the character played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Other DVD extras include 12 Internet film teasers that Anderson had created and used on his Web site.

The Revolution Studios comedy, which made $17.8 million in theaters, is $28.96 in a two-DVD Superbit and rental-priced on VHS (prebooks June 3 on DVD and May 22 on VHS).

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