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PS3 Units Appear in Limited Sales

2 Jan, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Amazon.com and Best Buy scrounged up a few more units of the sold out Blu-ray enabled PlayStation 3 gaming system to round out the holiday shopping season.

Amazon.com sold a small quantity of PS3 units along with Nintendo's Wii, in similarly short supply, on Friday December 29, for a limited time only, 7-11 am PST. The units reportedly sold out immediately.

Best Buy, in its weekly mailer highlighted the PS3 for sale beginning Sunday December 31 in very short supply, just 25 units per location according to fine print.

Meanwhile Best Buy also played up Sony's long-awaited $999 Blu-ray player in its post-holiday ad, offering shoppers the choice of two free Blu-ray discs from a selection with the purchase of the machine, which comes bundled with The Fifth Element Blu-ray disc.

Circuit City's weekly ad offered no such selection of the coveted high-definition gaming device, and the retailer's Web site marked the PS3 as sold out.

The PS3 has sold 750,000 units since its mid-November launch, according to research firm the NPD group. Thanks to production shortages, that's well behind the 1.8 million units of the Wii gaming system Nintendo sold this holiday season and the 2 million Xbox 360 units Microsoft sold over the prime shopping segment, likely in part as a consolation prize for shut-out PS3 buyers.

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