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PS3 Sales Expected to Skyrocket

17 Jul, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Strong projected sales of Sony Corp.'s pending PlayStation 3 video game console equipped with a Blu-ray Disc drive are expected to underscore upwards of $2 billion in revenue this year in the blue laser disc technology market.

Anticipated sales of blue laser players, game consoles, PC drives and related media are expected to top $28 billion by 2010, according to technology research firm Santa Clara Consulting Group.

“Currently, the market seems to be preoccupied with the format battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD technologies. What is overlooked is the fact that a market is developing, and the opportunity is huge,” said David Bunzel, managing director of SCCG.

By 2010, blue laser disc player sales would total $4 billion and related movies contributing $3 billion in sales. Blue laser game consoles (PS3) would contribute $6 billion in sales, and related games $10 billion in sales. Blue laser PC drives would generate $4 billion in revenue, and blue laser blank media $400 million in sales.

“High-definition content will be a central focus for companies in the consumer electronic, gaming, entertainment and PC industries for the next five years,” Bunzel said. “Blue laser disc technology is a critical component to the development of these markets.”

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