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PS3 Comes to Europe

26 Jan, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

The PlayStation 3 will hit the European market March 23.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced Thursday that it will initially ship 1 million units of the pricier 60GB PS3 model to European territories. The 20GB version of the gaming system will follow later in the year, ‘‘dependent on demand,” according to the company.

A quarter of the European shipment is reportedly earmarked for the United Kingdom. The PS3 will run at £425 or 599 Euros (approximately $775 U.S.).

One million of the Blu-ray enabled gaming device have shipped to U.S. retailers since the PS3's mid-November launch in the domestic market.

The European PS3 barrage starts with a slate of 30 games, including Sony-published games Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm, Genji: Days of the Blade, Formula One Champion Edition and Ridge Racer 7.

In addition to games on disc, a range of downloadable games will debut on the Playstation Network. These will include gaming icons such as Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Gran Turismo HD Concept, the fully-featured PS3 debut of the best-selling franchise Gran Turismo, with full HD (1080p) visual quality. Created by Polyphony Digital Inc and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Gran Turismo HD Concept has been downloaded by more than 350,000 users since it was released in December 2006 in North America and Japan.

Also available on the PlaystationNetwork will be brainteasers such as Go! Sudoku and Go! Puzzle, and original, non-traditional games such as Blast Factor and flOw, designed exclusively for PS3.

Sony originally delayed the European launch of the anticipated device as it faced manufacturing issues in getting a critical mass of machines to the very mature U.S. and Japanese markets.

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