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'Prison Break' Bonus Disc Mixup

18 Aug, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

There was a snafu at retail for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's recent TV DVD release Prison Break: Season One.

Best Buy and Target both touted special exclusive bonus discs they would each give to buyers of the hot drama's first DVD release.

Best Buy's offering included a bonus DVD with all 26 of the two-minute “mobisodes” (mobile phone episodes) of the Toyota-sponsored spinoff series “Prison Break: Proof of Innocence.”

Target advertised a special bonus disc that would include a “Behind the Walls” featurette and footage from the show's wrap party.

However, according to TVShowsOnDVD.com, shoppers who went to Target specifically to get that retailer's bonus disc got the Best Buy “mobisodes' disc instead.

Fox quickly rectified the situation, setting up a hotline for customers to call and have the correct bonus disc sent out.

But the whole situation is frustrating, said Gord Lacey, editor of TVShowsOnDVD.com. Rabid TV DVD fans, such as the viewers on his site, are sick of the retail exclusives, he said, and would prefer it if the studios just put out all the extras they have on every release. That would let the shoppers go to the retailer of their choice without worrying what they may be missing out on, Lacey said.

Lacey has set up a page on his site for viewers to write letters to retailers such as Target and Best Buy — who drive the whole “exclusives” scheme — to express their frustration with the practice.

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