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Price, Promos Get Buyers Into DVD

26 Sep, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

DVD shoppers seem to be learning what to expect from their favorite retail locations.

A couple shopping at a Southern California Best Buy during the afternoon last Wednesday debated purchasing a Monsters, Inc. DVD.

“I don't know,” the woman said, picking up the $19.99-priced DVD from a slot in the store's “DVD Best Sellers” section. “I think it might be cheaper at Costco.”

“Even if it is,” the man offered, “it's only going to be a dollar or so. Just get it.”

Sure enough, down the road at Costco, the Monsters, Inc. DVD had stayed at its first-week price of $18.49.

Best Buy last week kept up its habit of offering in-store dollars-off deals for related products for initial DVD releases.

Best Buy's mailer for the week and shelftalkers on the store's A Hard Day's Night special edition DVD display touted an instant $5 savings on the purchase of the DVD and any Beatles CD.

At a nearby Target location, the store continued its tradition of offering free goodies. Last week, stickers on the store's stock of Big Fat Liar DVDs offered a peel-off sticker good for a free lime Icee from the store's snack bar. This Target often adds free coupons for Nabisco snack products to DVD packaging, usually on family or children's titles.

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