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Price Cut Boosts European Xbox Sales

8 May, 2002 By: Hive News

Sales of Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox video game system have increased throughout Europe following a price reduction to euro 299 ($272 U.S.), the computer giant reported today.

Since the European price reduction took effect April 26, weekly sales are running neck-and-neck with PlayStation 2, a Microsoft spokesperson said. Based on week-to-week sales since launch, Xbox represents 49 percent of the next generation console market in the United Kingdom, 46 percent in France and 55 percent in Germany, according to Microsoft figures.

"I'm glad that more gamers in Europe are able to experience Xbox for themselves," said Sandy Duncan, VP, Xbox Europe. "Our strategy is to give outstanding value to as many consumers as possible, and the increased Xbox sales since the price reduction indicate that strategy is on track. The new price allows us to be more competitive and make serious inroads into the hearts of European gamers leading up to Christmas.

There are 40 Xbox games available in Europe (65 in the U.S.) and more than 150 expected by Christmas

Attachment rates for Xbox games have increased as well with an average of 3.7 games purchased for each console in the United Kingdom. Halo built on its success, with an average attach rate of 88 percent and Microsoft credits European sales with taking the title “well past the one million sales milestone worldwide.”

“Our customers have reacted positively to the price drop and we have seen an uplift in sales since April 26,” said Alex Croft, head of buying for GAME Stores Group Ltd.

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