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Poll: Majority Would Swap Cable/Satellite for Broadband TV

17 Apr, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

With increasing numbers of U.S. households purchasing digital televisions, a new Internet survey found that 53% of respondents would replace their cable and satellite TV receivers for broadband-enabled TV.

The results from a Zogby poll of 1,006 respondents found that among preferred broadband services, 88% would opt for video-enabled cell phones and 64% of parents would subscribe to mobile TV in cars to entertain their children.

The report indicated that within five years, broadband would be as video-centric as cable and satellite with telephone and high-speed mobile networks emerging as alternative platforms for so-called triple-play services, which includes Internet, video-on-demand TV and telephone across one broadband connection.

The wide-reaching poll also found that 74% of respondents believe a video-based Web could be harmful to children with 55% saying it is the parents' responsibility to make the Internet safe for children.

Finally, 75% of respondents say it is rude to use a Blackberry or PDA device in a meeting or restaurant, 70% say such devices can be addictive and 80% say they should be illegal to use while driving a vehicle.

“These findings help illustrate how people use broadband and mobile devices today and what they anticipate doing in the future,” said Alan Lippman, chief video architect of Redback Networks, which sponsored the poll.

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