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PlayStation 2 To Go Online

7 Mar, 2002 By: Hive News

Online gaming is a big success -- for PC and PC software manufacturers. Sega Dreamcast, the last great experiment for online gaming on consoles, didn't survive. Now Sony hopes to try its hand at it with the PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor, slated for August 2002 release.

PlayStation 2 users can use the adaptor to connect to CATV, DSL and phone-line ISPs to play games with other PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor users.

The adaptor, which combines a 10/100 Ethernet connection and a 56K v.90 analog modem, will retail for $39.99 and include a bundled disc with start-up instructions, a product manual, online game demos and software to connect to Internet service providers (ISPs).

According to Sony, the adaptor will easily connect to major national ISPs, including Earthlink, AT&T WorldNet, SBC-Prodigy and Sympatico, and will support connectivity through other ISPs as well. Sony is also working with the game-publishing community to ensure there's a full slate of online-compatible titles ready for the August launch.

"The world of online gaming and broadband-based network services, as it currently stands, is not a one-stop experience," said Kaz Hirai, president and COO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "Any company entering this space needs strong partners in various business areas to succeed.

"So far, there's no plans to download game content through the PlayStation 2. All initial online games will be sold as packaged software products in stores.

A Network Adaptor beta test program begins this month with previously chosen PlayStation 2 users to test connectivity, usability and various online games.

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