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Plasma TV Group Mounts HDTV Education Drive

2 May, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

To help educate consumers prior to the February 2009 digital TV transition deadline and counter market penetration by competing liquid crystal displays, the Plasma Display Coalition (PDC) announced a retail initiative aimed at disseminating accurate information about its displays.

Backed by PDC founding members Hitachi, LG Electronics, Panasonic and Pioneer, the retailer training presentation highlights plasma's capacity to handle fast-motion, wider-viewing angles, uniform brightness across the screen, energy efficiency and resistance to image retention when the display is turned off.

The information will be made available in a quick-reference fact card.

“More and more consumers will be shopping for replacement TVs, and it is imperative that retailers are well-equipped to help their customers make good buying decisions,” said Jim Palumbo, president of PDC.

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