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Pioneer to Pair Recordable DVD With TiVo in Set-Top

25 Jun, 2003 By: Hive News

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., has licensed Tivo's personal video recorder (PVR) technology to build the first set-top TiVo boxes with onboard DVD recorders, the company announced today.

The new recorders, scheduled to debut in stores this fall, will integrated TiVo service with advanced DVD recording for the option of short-term storage on a hard drive or long-term archival of broadcast programming on DVD-R/RW discs.

The Pioneer Elite DVR-57H includes a 120-gigabyte hard disc drive while the Pioneer DVR-810H boasts 80 gigabytes of storage space. The manufacturer's suggested retail prices will be $1,199 and $1,800, respectively.

Both models let users schedule and record programs while playing a DVD, play programs from the hard drive while recording from the hard drive onto a DVD, watch a program from the beginning while the recorder simultaneously finishes the recording and transfer content at high speeds from the hard drive to a DVD for long-term storage.

"Pioneer is setting the standard for value-added DVD recorders by including the TiVo service with these two new products. Unlike many of the original DVD recorders, we're offering effortless operation with maximum benefit," said Russ Johnston, SVP of marketing for home entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "Consumers will not see this type of innovation from any other manufacturer in the near term."

Both DVD recorders come equipped with a 181-channel cable TV tuner for instant one-touch recording to the hard drive. Once the content is stored on the hard drive, consumers can transfer the content on to a DVD-R/RW disc and navigate the DVD menus using the TiVo interface.

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